Kulikov Pavel

Male, 34 years, born on 25 June 1984

Moscow, willing to relocate, prepared for business trips

+7 (903) 118-37-41
kulikovpavel@gmail.com — preferred means of communication

Senior Data Engineer

IT, Internet, Telecom
  • Software Development
  • System Administrator
  • Engineer

Employment: project work, work placement, volunteering, part time, full time

Work schedule: rotation based work, remote working, flexible schedule, full day, shift schedule

Work experience 13 years 8 months

September 2018 — until now 
1 month

  • Internet Company (Search Engines, Payment Systems, Social Networks, Information and Educational, Entertainment Resources, Website Promotion etc.)

Data engineer
Develop, construct, test and maintain architectures, such as databases and large-scale processing systems for ML pipelines
July 2016 — until now 
2 years 3 months
GoTo Camp

Educational Institutions... Show more

  • School, Kindergarten

Curator of computer science
Full-stack and machine learning blocks.

GoTo is a computer science school for young developers.

We emphasize project-based learning to immerse students into the world of IT, raising a new generation of independent and creative specialists.

Frontend, backend, mobile, robotics, digital manufacturing, virtual reality, bioinformatics, data analysis, machine learning and neural networks
November 2017 — September 2018
11 months
Gotli Labs AG

Industrial Equipment, Machine Tools and Components... Show more

  • Equipment and Machines for Consumer Industries (Manufacturing)

Senior Software Engineer
Java, Spring, RDBMS, OOA/D, JUnit;
Microservices, ETL, devOps, Cloud;
Big Data, IoT;
PostgreSQL, MSSQL;
May 2011 — November 2017
6 years 7 months

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

  • System Integration, Technological and Business Processes Automation, IT Consulting

Full stack web dev;

Python, Django, JS, HTML, PHP, 1C etc.

Implemented dozens of projects from start to production, including various projects on Django: CMS, CRM, online shop, information systems, based on open data, etc.
September 2016 — June 2017
10 months
TWICE digital agency


  • Internet Company (Search Engines, Payment Systems, Social Networks, Information and Educational, Entertainment Resources, Website Promotion etc.)

Full stack developer
http://business-class.pro (free business development program from Google and Sberbank for micro and small entrepreneurs in the real sector of the economy.)

Django + Google App Engine + Google Cloud SQL + REST API + Backbone
June 2012 — June 2017
5 years 1 month
OOO VO Autotechnoimport

Moscow Oblast,

Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing, International Logistics... Show more

  • Freight Transport

1C developer
Development and support of 1C configuration for road transport

Exchanges with internal and external information databases, interaction with SQL, creating your own COM objects, data conversion, queries through ADODB, automation of fuel according to the fuel companies, customs clearance, complex reports for CDS and complex business processes, transportation vehicles, inventory accounting, use Google services to determine the coordinates geo locations, time and distance between them, the interaction with the external system control and monitoring of transport Transics through a web API event subscriptions for standard bases
July 2015 — January 2016
7 months

IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

  • Software Development

Full stack developer
Architecture and development of geographic information system of the account of utilities: create, modify and display geometric objects in different layers, change their properties, add photos and files of the user ( on the local server or on Yandex.Drive, Amazon S3, Google Drive ), import-export layers in standard formats import and display substrates.

PostgreSQL + PostGIS + Geoserver + Leaflet + HTML + JS + PHP
October 2013 — February 2014
5 months
Center of development of Creativity of Children and Youth "Rovesnik"

Moscow Oblast,

Educational Institutions... Show more

  • School, Kindergarten

Teacher of additional education
programming club for school students
February 2009 — May 2011
2 years 4 months

Construction, Real Estate, Architecture... Show more

  • Agent Services in Real Estate

1C developer, system administrator
1C developer, system administrator
July 2006 — December 2008
2 years 6 months

Hotels, Restaurants, Food Service Industry, Catering... Show more

  • Restaurant, Food Service Industry, Fast Food

1C developer, system administrator
1C developer, system administrator
September 2005 — June 2006
10 months

Electronics, Tool Engineering, Household Appliances, Computers and Office Equipment... Show more

  • Computer, Optical, Control and Measurement Technology, Radio and Electronics, Automatics (Manufacturing)

Programmer C/C++
Development of programs for signal controllers;
diploma on the topic "simulator for signal controller Multicam"
July 2004 — February 2005
8 months
"Pizza center"

Hotels, Restaurants, Food Service Industry, Catering... Show more

  • Restaurant, Food Service Industry, Fast Food

1C developer, system administrator
1C developer, system administrator

Key skills

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JavaPythonSCALALinuxGitJavaScriptSQLHTML5AngularJSPostgreSQLMySQLVPNUbuntu ServerPHPNginxMongoDBData Miningmachine learningdeep learningdata sciencepytorchDatabases1CDjango FrameworkReact

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Права категории B

About me

Data science path:

Microsoft DevCon, Prisma app analog - 25.09.2016
Dota competition, HSE university - 20.10.2016
Sberbank, timeseries analysis competition - 13.04.2017
mlcourse_open, 16th place - 25.04.2018 project https://goo.gl/WnGEQH, Eli5 Tutorial https://goo.gl/ipsrog
Data mining in action course, industry - 26.04.2018
CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition, Stanford - 26.05.2018
Machines Can See 2018. Adversarial Attacks on Black Box Face Recognition competition, 4th prize-winning place - 08.06.2018 https://goo.gl/F8BDqE
FastAi - 10.07.2018
PIK, flat sales competition finals - 14.07.2018
Emotions recognition system, realtime from webcam - 04.08.2018



- Python;
- Machine learning;
- preprocessing data, analysis, visualization;
- deep learning, neural networks;
- sklearn, pytorch, tensorflow, keras;
- recurrent nn, lstm;
- reinforced learning, MDP;
- Django, Flask;
- Scala, Java. Spring;
- SQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL;
- full-stack dev, html, js, css;
- memcached, elasticsearch, celery, redis
- REST API, GraphQL;
- CI/CD, docker, docker-compose;
- OOD, design patterns;
- Angular, React
- Android, React Native

- B2 level English, Upper-Intermediate

- C, Go, Ruby, Rails, Go, PHP, TypeScript, Git, Node.js, MongoDB, 1C
- Windows 2000 Server‚ 2003‚ 2008‚ FreeBSD, Linux, AD‚ MS Exchange Server‚ ISA Server‚ Kerio‚ Squid‚ WSUS‚ MDaemon

Code examples, autoschool CRM:
and test cases

Habrahabr :


Higher education (master)

Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications, Computer science


Russian — native

English — I can attend an interview

German — basic knowledge

Electronic certificates

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Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Doesn't matter